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DutchDiva of the Month

150BarbaraSchilstraBarbara Schilstra

Dutch lyric soprano Barbara Schilstra is Diva of the Month December 2016/January 2017 in the wake of her lead part in 401Concerts 4, in the Concert Hall of the library at Spui, The Hague, 18 december. She will sing there an array of arias and duets from Dutch operas by Cornelis Dopper, Daniël de Lange, Gerard von Brucken Fock, Emile von Brucken-Fock, Willem Landré, Jan van GilseJan Brandts Buys en Richard Hageman. Schilstra's voice is marked by a silvery timbre and genuine personality. Till date the highlight of her career was a tour as Saffi in Gypsy Baron that took her from Vienna throughout Germany. The next highlight will be the December 18 concert! Who is curious after her voice is welcome to attend this coproduction with the Netherlands Music Institute. Entrance is Free!

Barbara Schilstra
18 december concert  

DutchDivo of the Month

150HendrikVonkHendrik Vonk

Kommt der neue Held gegangen... Since his debut in 1989 Dutch Heldentenor Hendrik Vonk has carved out an impressive career that has reaped him triumphs in Wagner en Strauss roles such as Tannhäuser, Tristan, Bacchus (Ariadne auf Naxos), Menelaus (Ägyptische Helena) in Leipzig, Neuschwannstein, La Scala Milan and many other operatic tempels. 401DutchDivas is proud to announce Vonk's participation in 401Concerts 4. There, on December 18 in the OBA Concert Hall at Spui he will perform an array of highlights from Dutch operas in a coproduction with Netherlands Music Institute. Entrance is free of charge. Vonk's portrait on our website features impressive videos and mp3s  that place him in a lineage with the likes of Hendrik Appels and Jacques Urlus to Hans Kaart, Adriaan van Limpt and Frank van Aken.

18 december concert

Focusing on

Focusing onAlthough 401DutchDivas does not focus on a particular period in the history of Dutch singing, Lindeijer’s former accent on the period before 1965 remains of importance. The reason for this accent is to be seen in the fact that 1965 was the year in whcih the Dutch Opera ceased to exist as an ensemble opera.


MusiciansThe Musicians chapter covers artists that didn’t fit in any of the other categories. Here among others portraits of master pianist/ accompanist Coenraad Bos and female composer Catharina van Rennes.

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Dutch divas & divos

Eva-MariaThis website continues Joop Lindeijer’s former DutchDivas website. It covers a period of 350 years of Dutch singing, and features hundreds of biographies, discographies and photographs of Dutch opera and concert singers. Additionally, the website hosts hundreds of audiovisual documents.


ConductorsAnother focus point is on Dutch conductors of the Concertgebouw orchestra – Willem Kes, Willem Mengelberg, Eduard van Beinum and Bernard Haitink.

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