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Anny Delorie has over 20 years during her opera career at hundreds of productions worked. Recordings have been rare. At present - here and there - still available complete a Trovatore in 1953, together with such Gre Brouwenstijn and Johan van der Zalm Osteria on the label, OS-1001, a joy to listen. A Dutch version with only one level practitioners and to be proud of. This initiative of Osteria is worth following, a following which is sadly undelivered. Commercially understandable.

There is also a complete Jenufa (Janacek) of the label, OD 10287-2. An implementation of the Dutch Opera in 1960, including Gre Brouwenstijn and Jaroslav Kachel. An image is particularly interesting interpretation of the Anny Delorie the role of the sacristan. Sacristan The murders in the opera from an extramarital relationship given birth to babies of Jenufa to the outside world to conceal. During one of the performances Anny played the role of the sacristan so convincing that a "moo" cries of the audience had its share. It was like she told me, are extremely proud.

The material used for the production of the following three CDs come mainly from the private archives of Anny Delorie.


Anny Delorie, alt, cd1

Anny Delorie, alt (1925-2009) - cd 1 - DDR 0908

Giuseppe Verdi - Il trovatore

01-Stride la vampa

02-Condotta ell'era in ceppi

03-Non son tuo figlio
04-Mal reggendo all'aspro assalto
05-Finale, Madre, non dormi

02-04 - Amsterdam 1953, Azucena: Anny Delorie, alt; Manrico: Johan van der Zalm, tenor; dirigent Mario Cordone
01 & 05 - Azucena: Anny Delorie, alt; Manrico: Leo Larsen, tenor; Luna: Garfield Swift, bariton, Leonora: Margit Opawsky, sopraan; dirigent: Walter Goehr

Giuseppe Verdi - Rigoletto

06- Rigoletto, 4e acte (fragment) Bella figlia dell'amore

Hertog van Mantua: Paul Conrad, tenor; Gilda: Hedda Heuser, sopraan; Maddalena: Anny Delorie, alt; Rigoletto: Paolo Gorin, bariton

Giuseppe Verdi - Un ballo in maschera

07-Zitti...l'incanto non dessi turbare
- Re dell'abisso - E lui, è lui
08-Su, fatemi largo, saper vo'il mio fato
09-Che v'agita cosi
10-Su, profetessa, monta il treppiè
11-Di' tu se fedele
12-Chi voi siate, l'audace parola
13-E scherzo od e follia

Amelia: Gré Brouwenstijn, sopraan; Riccardo: Giuseppe Zampieri, tenor; Renato: Scipio Colombo, bariton; Ulrica: Anny Delorie, alt; dirigent: Franscesco Molinari-Pradelli, Amsterdam 1958

14- Tsjaikowski, Jeanne d'Arc, Adieu forêt

15-Tsjaikowski, Jevgenin Onigin, briefscène Tatjana

Dirigent Benedict Silberman


Anny Delorie, alt, cd2

Anny Delorie, alt (1925-2009) - cd 2 - DDR 0909

Manuel de Falla, El amor brujo

01-Song of Sorrowing Love

(Cancion del amor dolido)
02-Song of the Will-o'-Wisp (Cancion del fuego fatuo)

George Bizet, Carmen

Près des remparts de Séville

05-Les tringles des sistres tintaient

Carmen: Anny Delorie (alt), Don José: Johan van der Zalm (tenor)

Giacomo Puccini, Suor Angelica

06-Il Principe Gualtiero vostro padre
07-Senza mamma

Suor Angelica: Angela Vercelli (sopr.), La zia Principessa: Anny Delorie (alt)

Richard Wagner, Wesendonck Lieder

08-Im Treibhaus


Johann Sebastian Bach, Mattheus Passion

11-Du lieber Heiland du

12-So ist mein Jesus nun gefangen
13-Ach! Nun ist mein Jesus hin
14-Erbarme dich
15-Erbarm es Gott

Corry Bijster (sopr.); Anny Delorie (alt); dirigent Piet van Egmond

Anny Delorie, alt, cd3

Anny Delorie, alt (1925-2009) - cd 3 - DDR 0910

 Bela Bartok - Blauwbaards Burcht, Amsterdam 15 april 1964

01-Wir sind am Ziele
02-Dies ist also Blaubarts Feste
03-Große schweigende Türen

04-Weh! Was siehst Du
05-Was siehst Du, Tausend schaurig scharfe Waffen
06-Sieh nur den Schatz
07-Ach! Blumenpracht
08-Ah! Sieh, so weit die Blicke reichen
09-Weißes stilles Wasser seh ich

10-Schau, die früher'n Frauen alle
11-Früh am Morgen kam die erste

Blauwbaard, Andras Farago (bas); Judith, Anny Delorie (alt)
Amsterdam 15 april 1964, Noord-Hollands Philharmonisch Orkest o.l.v. Henri Arends

Bonus: Blauwbaards Burcht, Utrecht 2 december 1965

09-Weißes stilles Wasser seh ich
10-Schau, die früher'n Frauen alle
11-Früh am Morgen kam die erste

Utrechts Symfonie Orkest o.l.v. Paul Hupperts
Judith (Anny Delorie, alt), Blauwbaard (Guus Hoekman, bas)

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