Lijst van opnames Parlophone 1934-1946

British Parlophone-Odeon 30cm Electrical 38-39 en 45-46

488.CXE8974 DIE ENTFUERUNG AUS DEM SERAIL Konstanze, Konstanze rec. Mar.'38
489.CXE8975 DIE ZAUBERFLOETE Dies Bildnis ist rec. Mar.'38
490.CXE9805 DON GIOVANNI Dalla sua pace rec. Jun'39
491.CXE9806 DON GIOVANNI Il mio tesoro rec. Jun'39
492.CXE10640 Lehar MEMORIES Merry Widow, Vilia-Gipsy, Maiden my maiden
493.CXE10640 Lehar MEMORIES Serenade, Patiently smiling, You are my hearts
494.CXE11144 THE CREATION In native worth (Haydn) rec. Nov'45
495.CXE11145 JOSEPH Mein Vaterland (Mehul) rec. Nov'45
496.CXE11617 CARMEN Air de la fleur (Bizet) rec. Feb'46
497.CXE11707 DIE ZAUBERFLOETE Dies bilnis ist ...rec. Jul'46

British Parlophone-Odeon 25cm Elect. '34-'46

498.CE6230 Let me love you (Tunbridge)
499.CE6231 Night and day (Cole Porter) uit 'Gay Divorce'
500.CE6236 I love the moon (Rubens)
501.CE6237 A brown bird singing (Haydn Wood)
502.CE6475 Love lost for evermore (Tauber-Clutsam) from film Blossom Time
503.CE6478 In your arms tonight (Geehl)
504.CE6479 Little grey home in the west (Lohr)
505.CE6480 Once there lived a lady fair (Clutsam) film Blossom Time
506.CE6580 Foi au printemps (Frühlingsglaube) Schubert
507.CE6581 La rose sauvage (Heidenröslein) Schubert
508.CE6582 Ballade du premier amour (Once there lived.)
509.CE6583 Je suis a toi (Ungeduld) Schubert

-------These These four titles only sold in France and Italy.

510.CE6910 Dein gedenk ich Margaretha (Meyer-Helmund)
511.CE6911 Gute Nacht, du mein herziges Kind (Seyffardt-abt)
512.CE6912 Vorbei (Marbot-Reisfeld)
513.CE6913 Da draussen in der Wachau (Arnold Weill)
514.CE6914 Drunt in der Lobau (Strecker-Eckhardt-Beda)
515.CE6915 Liebe kleine Nachtigall (Moskowski-Op. '5, nr.1)
516.CE7054 Let me awaken your heart (Tauber) Film Heart's Desire
517.CE7055 Vienna, City of my dreams (Lockton-Sieczynski)
518.CE7056 My world is gold because you love me (Tauber) film Heart's Desire
519.CE7057 All hope is ended, film Heart's Desire
520.CE7136 THE LAND OF SMILES You are my heart's delight (Lehar)
521.CE7137 When moonbeams softly fall (Seitz)
522.CE7157 Widmung (Schumann) with piano
523.CE7158 Ich sende einen Gruss duft der Rosen (Schumann)
524.CE7159 Dichterliebe (Schumann) Im wunderschönen..., Aus meinen Tränen... Die Rose, die --------------------Lilie, die Taube.
525.CE7160 Der Nussbaum (Schumann) with piano Percy Kahn
526.CE7161 Mondnacht (Schumann) with piano Percy Kahn
527.CE7162 Dichterliebe (Schumann) Ich habe im Traum geweinet
528.CE7597 I hear you calling me (Marshall) rec. Apr.'36
529.CE7598 Until (Sanderson)
539.CE7599 Roses of Picardy (Haydn Wood)
531.CE7600 Somewher a voice is calling (Tate)
532.CE7601 I know of two bright eyes (Clutsam)
533.CE7602 THE STUDENT PRINCE Serenade (Romberg)
534.CE7625 Pagliacci Proloog, part 1 filmversion rec. Apr.'36
535.CE7626 Pagliacci Proloog, part 2 filmversion rec. Apr.'36
536.CE7627 Pagliacci On with the motley (Leoncavallo, filmversion rec. 9-'36
537.CE7634 Kashmiri song (Amy Woodford-Finden) with piano P. Kahn
538.CE7635 Till I awake (Amy Woodford-Finden) with piano P. Kahn
539.CE7842 Pagliacci Slumber song (Leoncavallo) filmversion rec. 9-'36
540.CE7843 Pagliacci Such a game (Leoncavallo) filmversion rec. 9-'36
541.CE7844 Pagliacci Serenade (Leoncavallo) filmversion rec. 9-'36
542.CE7845 LAND WITHOUT MUSIC Smile for me (O. Strauss-C. Gray) filmversion
543.CE7846 LAND WITHOUT MUSIC Simple littie melody (O. Strauss-C. Gray) filmversion
544.CE7885 LAND WITHOUT MUSIC You have music (O. Strauss-C. Gray) filmversion
545.CE7886 LAND WITHOUT MUSIC Heaven in a song (O. Strauss-C. Gray) filmversion
546.CE8366 PAGANINI Girls were made to love and kiss (Lehar)
547.CE8367 PAGANINI Beautiful Italy (Lehar)
548.CE8369 PAGANINI Love never comes too late with Evelyn Laye
548.CE8370 PAGANINI Nobody could love you more with E. Laye
550.CE8468 MAYTIME will you remember (Romberg) filmversion
551.CE846g Song of songs (Moya-Lucas)
552.CE8494 PAGANINI Fear nothing (Lehar)
553.CE8495 The old tree (Diana Napier-Tauber)
554.CE8500 Love's old sweet song (Molby)
555.CE8501 Smilin' thtrough (Penn)
556.CE8524 One night of love (Schertzinger)
557.CE8538 NAUGHTY MARIETTA Ah' Sweet mystery of life (Herbert)
558.CE8637 THE FIREFLY Sympathy (Friml)
559.CE8638 Can I orget you (Kern) rec. Oct.'37
560.CE8912 THE FIREFLY Giannina mia (Frimi) in English
561.CE8913 My gipsy dream girl (Harvey)
562.CE8914 ROSALIE Rosalie (Porter) film
563.CE8915 ROSALIE In the stil of the night (Porter) film
564.CE9123 Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs: One song (Churchill)
565.CE9124 You'r mine (de Rance-Sievier)
566.CE9146 SWEETHEARTS To the land of my own romance (Herbert)
567.CE9158 When the sun goes down (Penn)
568.CE9159 I want the world to know (Kahn-Friml) film Music for Madame
569.CE9160 Trees (Rasbach)
571.CE9165 THE ONLY GIRL When you'r away (Herbert)
571.CE9166 Sylvia (Speaks) rec. May '38
572.CE9167 Mother Machree (Bali)
573.CE9168 MERRIE ENGLAND The English Rose (German)
574.CE9169 Love everlasting (Friml)
575.CE9170 Rose of Tralee (Glover)
576.CE9532 THE Great Waltz One day when we were young (Strauss)
577.CE9533 The great Waltz I'm in love with Wienna (Strauss)
578.CE9548 DER OBERSTEIGER Don't be cross (Zeller)
579.CE9549 FRASQUITA Serenade (Lehar)
580.CE9550 Rosen aus den Süden (Strauss)
581.CE9551 THE CHOCOLATE SOLDIER My Hero (O. Strauss)
582.CE9773 THE DANCING YEARS Waltz of my heart (Novello)
583.CE9734 SWEETHEARTS Sweethearts (Herbert) film
584.CE9750 I'll sing thee songs of Araby (Clay) rec. Apr.'39
585.CE9751 Drink to me with thine eyes Johnson)
586.CE9752 XERXES Ombrai mai fu (Händel) Largo rec. Apr.'39
587.CE9756 Ave Maria (Bach-Gounod) in Latin
588.CE9757 Heidenröslein (Schubert) with piano P. Kahn
589.CE9758 Die Lorelei (Sucher) with piano P. Kahn
590.CE9860 COUSIN FROM NOWHERE Goodnight (Ross-Künnecke)
591.CE9861 For you alone (Geehl) conductor componist)
592.CE9930 Die beiden Grenadiere (Schumann) with piano
593.CE9931 Träumerei (Schuman) m.kwartet
594.CE9932 Londonderry air - O, Mary dear (McCormack-Schneider)
595.CE9933 Songs my mother taught me (Dvorak)
596.CE9934 Serenade (Drigo) rec. June'39
597.CE9935 I knew that you must care (Kahn)
598.CE10398 Faithful forever (Rainger) film Gulliver's Travels rec. '40
599.CE10399 Over the rainbow (Arlen) film Wizard of Oz rec. Mrch. '40
600.CE10412 So deep is the night - Tristesse (Chopin)
601.CE10413 At the Balalaika (Posford-Stothart)
602.CE10414 MDLLE. MODISTE Kiss me again (Herbert)
603.CE10483 Starlight serenade (Heykens)
604.CE10484 I'll walk beside you (Murray)
605.CE10500 Begin the beguine -Jubilee (Porter) film Broadway Melody'40
606.CE10501 VAGABOND KING Only a rose (Frimi)
607.CE10502 Bless this house (Brahe)
608.CE10513 Indian Summer (Herbert)
609.CE10516 DESERT SONG One alone (Romberg)
610.CE10517 A perfect day (Jacobs-Bond)
611.CE10529 The world is waiting for the sunrise (Seitz)
612.CE10530 When day is done (Katscher)
613.CE10531 Solitude (Ellington)
614.CE10644 Sleepy Lagoon (Coates)
615.CE10645 All the things you are (Kern)
616.CE10684 Marcheta (Schertzinger) rec. Feb.'41
617.CE10685 Black eyes - Russisch gipsy song
618.CE10686 Parted (Tosti)
619.CE10687 The Rosary (Nevin)
620.CE10688 My moonlight Madonna (Fibich)
621.CE10689 Dream of love (Liebestraum (Lipton-Liszt-Schipa) rec. Feb.'41
622.CE10690 NEW MOON Lover come back to me (Romberg)
623.CE10691 Elegie (Massenet) in English
624.CE10718 By the sea (Am Meer) Schubert-Clutsam with stringsextet
625.CE10719 Serenade (Ständchen) Schubert-Clutsam with stringsextet
626.CE10724 To music (An die Musik) Schubert-Clutsam with stringsextet
627.CE10725 Red rose (Heidenröslein) Drinkwater-Schubert with stringsextet
628.CE10772 LAND OF SMILES Patiently smiling (Lehar)
629.CE10773 O lovely night (Ronald)
630.CE10774 Macushia (MacMurrough)
631 CE10785 Speak to me of love (Sievier-Lenoir)
632.CE10786 My dreams (Weatherly-Tosti) rec. Aug.'41
633.CE10787 Good-bye (Whyte-Melville-Tosti)
634.CE10792 Ave Maria (Schubert) with choir in Latin
635.CE10793 Agnus Dei (Bizet) with choir in Latin
636.CE10825 The Blue Danube (Strauss-Geehl)
637.CE10826 Whisperings of the Vienna Woods (Korngold-Strauss)
638.CE10827 This is the day (Mattinata (Tschemacher-Leoncavallo)
639.CE10828 Silent night, holy night (Gruber) with choir
640.CE10829 O Sanctissima-O, most holy arr.Geehl
641 CE10844 Loves comes at blossom time with choir (Clutsam-Tauber)
642.CE10845 First love is best love (Clutsam-Tauber)
643.CE10846 Impatience - Thine is my heart (Die schöne Müllerin) Ungeduld
644.OEA1651 Impatience, partly sung on a charity record by Tauber
645.CE10847 The dearest maiden waits me there (Clutsam-Schubert)
646.CE10878 The Question, Der Neugierige (Clutsam-Tauber-Schubert)
647.CE10879 Laughter and Weeping (Lachen und Weinen) Clutsam-Tauber-Schubert the nr.s 641, 2, --------------------3, 5, 6 en 7 stage version (Blossom time)
648.CE10880 My love for you (Ideale) Tosti
649.CE10881 Come back my love (Die Nacht) Rubinstein
650.CE10882 Intermezzo (Provost)
651.CE10883 A little love, a little kiss (un peu d'amour) Silésu
652.CE10884 White wings - Serenade (Grey-Moszkowski)
653.CE10963 Jealousy (Gade)
654.CE10964 Love's last word is spoken, Cherie (Bixio)
655.CE10966 The Post-Winterreise (Troutbeck-Schubert)
656.CE10967 The Dove (La paloma) (Yradier)
657.CE10968 Beneath the window (O sole mio) Di Capua
658.CE10969 At dawning (Cadman)
659-CE10970 Ave Maria (Kahn) in Latin
660.CE10971 Panis Angelicus (Cesar Franck) in Latin
661.CE10996 I love thee (Ich liebe dich) Anderson-Grieg
662.CE10997 No more I'll be singing (Tchaikowsky)
663.CE10998 Springtide (Letzter Frühling) Corder-Grieg
664.CE11003 None but the weary heart (Tchaikowsky)
665.CE11004 OLD CHELSEA Music in my heart (Tysh-Tauber)
666.CE11005 OLD CHELSEA Your love could be everything to me
667.CE11054 OLD CHELSEA There are angels outside Heaven with N. Brown and C. Lynne
668.CE11055 OLD CHELSEA 1f you are in love with Nancy Brown
669.CE11066 Fascination (Morley-Marchetti)
670.CE11067 Somewhere over the hill (May-de Rance)
671.CE11087 OLD CHELSEA My heart and I with choir (Thysh-Tauber)
672.CE11088 Dearly beloved (Kern) rec. Jun.'43
673.CE11094 GREAT DAY Without a song (Youmans) rec. Jun.'43
674.CE11095 THE DANCING YEARS Memory is my happines (Novello)
675.CE11096 Just for a while (Geiger)
676.CE11097 Some day we shall meet again (Parr-Davies) film: Lisbon Story
677.CE11108 Don't ask me why-The song is done (Stolz) English 'Das lied ist'
678.CE11159 JOCELYN Angels quard thee (Godard)
679.CE11161 Down in the forest (Ronald)
680.CE11162 Passing by (Purcell)
681.CE11179 For love alone (Thayer)
682.CE11180 The song of Florian (Gillington-Godard)
683.CE11181 When love has gone (King-Franz)
684.CE11182 Fleeting love (Plaisir d'amour) Martini-Geehl
685.CE11183 Serenade (Elkin-Tosselli)
686.CE11184 BITTER SWEET I'll see you again (Coward)
687.CE11195 O golden age of innocence (Brahms, Op.63,Nr.8)
688.CE11196 Vain his pleading (Brahms, Op.84,nr.4 translation Whistler)
689.CE11201 Kiss me (Besame mucho) Skylar-Velasquez
690.CE11202 If you could care (Darewski)
691.CE11262 Over night (Ueber Nacht) H.Wolf translation. P.Kahn
692.CE11263 Secrecy (Verborgenheit) H.Wolf-Mörike-Boileau rec. Aug.'44
693.CE11264 Maire my girl (Aitken) rec. Aug.'44
694.CE11301 White Christmas (Berlin) with choir, organ and orchestra
695.CE11302 Where the blue begins uit: Jenny Jones (Parr-Davies) Nov.'44
696.CE11311 Long ago (Gershwin-Kern) uit film Cover Girl Dec.'44
697.CE11312 Love, here is my heart (Ross-Silesu)
698.CE11322 Beautiful love (Van Alstyne) rec. Dec.'44
699.CE11337 A kiss in the night (Anoch te besé) Mayne-De Carolis
700.CE11340 Give me the stars (O'Connor-Russell) rec. Feb.'45
701.CE11341 Au Revoir (J'attendrai) Sievier-Olivieri
702.CE11370 PERCHANCHE TO DREAM We'll gather lilacs (Novello) Apr.'45
703.CE11371 PERCHANCHE TO DREAM Love is my reason (Novello)
704.CE11384 Break of day (Stranks-May) film Waltz Time
705.CE11385 The night has known my tears (Mayne-De Carolis)
706.CE11436 I'll turn to you (Barnes-Craven)
707.CE11437 My most romantic memory (Tysh-Zeller-Ralton) Vogelhändler
708.CE11438 My heart is in Vienna still (Murray)
709.CE11441 Dearest of all (Sharp)
710.CE11442 I could never tell (Astley-Bowen)
711.CE11443 For this I pray (Kahn)
712.CE11481 Fifinella (Tchaikowsky-arr.Geehl)
713.CE11482 In the ballroom Op. 38, Nr. 3 Tchaikowsky-arr. Geehl
714.CE11483 Until the dawn (Kahn) conductor/ componist
715.CE11572 LE ROl D'YS Aubade with women choir. Film Lisbon Story
716.CE11573 Pour un baiser (Tosti) in Frans
717.CE11574 Never say good-bay (Purcell-Parr Davies) Film Lisbon Story
718.CE11583 Which way does the wind blow? (Philips-Mayne)
719.CE11584 A year ago today (Mayne-Ralton)
720.CE11585 A true romance (Rubinstein)
721.CE11594 Ein Traum (Grieg) Op.48,No. must be: nr. 1 with orchestra.
722.CE11595 Eros (Grieg) Op.70,Nr.6 with orchestra.
723.CE11614 Resting (Alexander-Mayer)
724.CE11615 Pedro the fisherman (Purcell-Parr Davies) Film Lisbon Story
725.CE11616 As I walked with my new love (Mayne-Carroll) July'46
726.CE11622 Come to me in my dreams (Bridge) with piano P.Kahn
727.CE11623 Good-night (Landon Ronald) with piano
728.CE11700 Allerseelen (R.Strauss) P.Kahn piano
729.CE11701 Ich trage meine Minne (R.Strauss) P.Kahn piano
730.CE11706 Falling asleep (Drake)
731.CE11718 DER FREISCHUETZ Durch die Wälder, part 1 rec. July'46
732.CE11719 DER FREISCHUETZ Durch die Wälder, part 2
733.CE11974 OKLAHOMA Oh' What a beautiful morning (Rodgers)
734.CE11975 ANNIE GET YOUR GUN They say it's wonderful (Berlin)
735.CE12022 There is no end (Sievier-Burrows)