Cd/ dvd productions will continue to publish cd's with Dutch singers, and possibly even with the publication of dvd's.


Being familiar with the remasterings of Lindeijer, one can be sure that the aim will remain to achieve the highest level in terms of audio remastering. In this context we cooperate, among others, with American Grammy Award nominee, audio conservator Christian Zwarg. We shall, however, not continue with pressing home burned computer cd-roms with computer printed cd-labels.

Factory pressed cd's

The reason that we will discontinue this sort of home burned cd releases is simple: home burned cd-rom with computer printed labels tend to have an extremely short life span, varying from 6 months to 6 years. Therefore, will dedicate itself to realising releases with factory printed, professional cd releases for titles that generate enough demand.

For titles that draw less enthusiasm, we will develop a high quality download format. Downloads will of course be accompanied by elaborate booklets in pdf format.

Cd booklets

The aim is to let the cd's be accompanied by elegant booklets with state of the art biographical information and high quality photo reproductions.

Pre ordering system

Due to the cost involved with factory pressed cd releases, this is only possible for us if enough people buy them in advance. Pro title a minimum of 250 copies is needed to realise a publication. Payments will only be withdrawn from accounts once the minimum is reached and the title will be pressed.


The price of those cd's is likely to be close to € 15 (ex shipping costs)

Cd titles

The first title that plans to relaese is an anthology of Dutch Vocal Art, from the very first recordings in 1900 up to the early 1960's.

We are currently discussing this project with a major Dutch cd production company.

More about the progress of this project will be published on this page and through our newsletter. back catalogus (temporarily discontinued)

Currently we are studying the possible release of a number of these titles in official, factory produced cd-releases or download format. If you are interested in news about our future cd-releases and downloads, you might want to subscribe to our newsletter.


Julia Culp cd1, Berlin recordings
Julia Culp cd2, Victor recordings
Maartje Offers cd1, Opera recordings
Maartje Offers cd2, Lied & Song recordings
Theo Baylé, Opera aria's
Jacques Urlus, Berlin recordings, cd4
Thom Denijs, Opera & Lieder
Cornelis Bronsgeest I, Lieder & Opera arias
Cornelis Bronsgeest II, Opera arias & duets
Jo Vincent cd1, Passion, Oratorio & Arias
Hélène Cals, soprano, Songs & Opera arias
Julia Culp cd3, Victor & Electrola recordings
DDR 0701
DDR 0702
DDR 0703
DDR 0704
DDR 0705
DDR 0706
DDR 0707
DDR 0708
DDR 0709
DDR 0710
DDR 0711
DDR 0712



Holland I, opnames 1902-1927
Holland II, opnames 1923-1951
Holland III, opnames 1926-1950
Jules Moes - tenor
Nan Merriman - The farewell concerto 1965
Theodora Versteegh - contralto
Psalmen & Gezangen - Jo Vincent Kwartet cd 1
Psalmen & Gezangen - Jo Vincent Kwartet cd 2
Catharina van Rennes - (1858-1940)
Aaltje Noordewier-Reddingius - (1868-1949)
Psalmen & Gezangen -W.Ravelli (1892-1980) cd 3
Hans Kaart - heroic tenor (1920-1963)  
DDR 0701
DDR 0702
DDR 0703
DDR 0704
DDR 0705
DDR 0706
DDR 0707
DDR 0708
DDR 0709
DDR 0710
DDR 0711
DDR 0712



Jo Vincent, soprano (1898-1989) - cd 2
Jo Vincent, soprano (1898-1989) - cd 3
Jo Vincent, soprano (1898-1989) - cd 4
Jo Vincent, soprano (1898-1989) - cd 5
Anny Delorie, alt (1925-2009) - cd1
Anny Delorie, alt (1925-2009) - cd2
Anny Delorie, alt (1925-2009) - cd3
Adriaan van Limpt, tenor (1920-1963)
Richard Tauber, tenor (1891-1948)
Jacques Urlus, heroic tenor (1867-1935), cd1
Jacques Urlus, heroic tenor (1867-1935), cd2
Jacques Urlus, heroic tenor (1867-1935), cd3
DDR 0904
DDR 0905
DDR 0906
DDR 0907
DDR 0908
DDR 0909
DDR 0910
DDR 1001
DDR 1002
DDR 1003
DDR 1004
DDR 1005