401dutchdivas.nl has a unique position in protecting Dutch musical heritage. Without our volunteers, a large part of what we have made available to anyone interested in this subject, would otherwise have been lost for posterity. Many hundreds of pages are currently online, while our ambition is to eventually cover a complete and up to date retrospect of Dutch vocal art.

Why sponsorships/ gifts?

The cost involved in making and maintaining a website of this magnitude with hundreds of freely provided sound and videosamples is substantial. We are being charged for bandwith (the amount of memory space used on the server when people watch movies and listen to sound samples). With over a million visitors in the first decade, most of which visited us in the last two active years, we simply need to find some financial resources in order to cover the costs of maintaining the website and to expand it.

Sponsorship options

If you like 401dutchdivas.nl and you wish to contribute, we have four ways in which you can do so:

1.    You can make a donation without having your name mentioned
2.    You can make a donation and have it mentioned on the sporsorship page
3.    You can adopt a singer/ conductor/ composer, which will be mentioned on the page concerned.
4.    You can adopt a cd production, which will be mentioned in the production concerned as well as in the promotional activities that we will develop around releases.

For information you can This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , or phone with 0031-20–4684165

Commercial bannering

At the moment, we have deleted the agressive banners that were active on the former dutchdivas website. We would prefer to keep the website clean from such commercials. If that is possible depends on our possibilities te generate other sources of funding for the website.