Johannes Messchaert Henri Albers Anton van Rooy Theo Bayle Jan Derksen Max van Egmond

Johannes Messchaert was one of the greatest singers ever born in the Netherlands. He studied singing a.o. with Julius Stockhausen; on his turn a pupil of Manual Garcia. He made his debut by unprepared deputise for the bass-part in Elias. The concerts then followed up quickly. He was co-founder of the 'Amsterdamsche Conservatorium'. Henri Albers first was an actor. He made his opera debut in 1886 with the role of Méphistophéles (Faust, Gounod) at the 'Dutch Opera' of De Groot. After 1890 guest appearances in Europe and later in America (Metropolitan). From 1899 to his dead he joined the 'Opera Comique' in Paris. Anton van Rooy started as oratorio and concert singer and was heard by Cosima Wagner, who invited him to sing in Bayreuth, where he made his stage debut as Wotan in 1897. His commanding appearance and his beautiful upper register created an immediate impression. In Bayreuth Van Rooy sang Wotan (Der Ring) in 1897, 1899, 1901 and 1902.
Theo Baylé debuted as a concert singer in 1936. In the forties he was first baritone at the "Dutch Opera". Later he joined for years the 'Vienna Opera Houses'. Guest appearances in various European countries and in the United States. Jan Derksen already had sung in many Dutch radio concerts, when he made in 1965 his debut in Trier. Later he joined the 'Dutch Operastichting'. He performed the great baritone parts in Verdi operas, in the 'Veristic repertoire'. He appeared numerous performances abroad. Max van Egmond became a member of the Nederlandse Bach Vereniging (Dutch Bach Society) at the age of eighteen. In 1959 he became one of the prizewinners at the 's-Hertogenbosch Vocalisten Concours (Vocal Competition). He also took prizes in Brussels (1959) and Munich (1964) competitions. Those prizes marked the beginning of his full-time distinguished career as a singer of oratorio, lied and baroque opera.

Orelio, Jos
- (1854-1925)
Messchaert, J.M. - (1857-1922)
Spoel, Arnold - (1859-1934)
Sistermans, Anton - (1865-1926)
Albers, Henri - (1866-1926)
Rooy, Anton van - (1870-1932)
Zalsman, Gerard - (1871-1949)
Helvoirt-Pel, Richard van - (1873-1950)
Denijs, Thom - (1877-1935)
Bronsgeest, Cornelis - (1878-1957)
Butter, Carel - (1881-1937)
Kloos, Max - (1884-1959)
Groenen, Joseph - (1885-1959)
Bosch, Emile van - (1886-1940)
Bourlier, Reginald - 1887
Bogtman, Laurens - (1900-1969)
Sondaar, Bertus - (1904-1984)
Jos Plemper - (1906-2001)
Broecheler, Caspar - (1912-1983)

Bayle, Theo - (1912-1971)
Huijsman, Antoon - (1915-1998)
Gorin, Paolo - (1916-1992)
Ven, Frans van de - (1916-1989)
Rom Kalma - (1921-2007)
Bijnen, Bert - (1922-1973)
Haasteren, Albert van - (1928)
Derksen, Jan - (1932-2004)
Kruysen, Bernard - (1933-2000)
Wilbrink, Hans - (1933-2003)
Egmond, Max van - 1936
Meer, Ruud van der - 1936
Bakker, Marco - 1938
Vierkens, John - 1938
Brocheler, John - 1945
Smid, Ernst Daniel - 1953
Koningsberger, Maarten - 1955
Poort, Henk - 1956
Smits, Geert - 1965
Sinan Vural - 1965
De Lang, Quirijn - 1977
Andreas Goetze – 1983