Hendrik C. van Oort


" ... the way he performed his roles, should expect that opera was actual the domain of Van Oort. His voice sounds so stylish from the stage, that one had to admit, that with him an excellent opera-singer got lost ... "
Averkamp, 1929

Hendrik C. van Oort (1873-1953), rechts in de Barbier (Cornelius) Hendrik C. van Oort (1873-1953), rechts in de Barbier (Cornelius)

Hendrik C. van Oort (1873-1953), right in the Barber (Cornelius)

Bass-baritone Hendrik Christiaan van Oort was born on April 28th, 1873 in Utrecht. He got his musical training at the Toonkunst Muziekschool of Utrecht with Johan Wagenaar for harmony and composition and with Carel Wirtz for piano. After the obtaining of the pianist-diploma First degree with distinction he made his debut as pianist with the piano concerto in d of Felix Mendelssohn.

Anna Fles has the right to receive the honor for discovering his talent for singing. Through her intermediary he got lessons with the well known pedagogue Aaltje Noordewier-Reddingius. He also studied with Johannes Messchaert, he was his latest student. He appeared for many years at home and abroad as lieder- and oratorio-singer. Often he accompanied himself at the piano. Van Oort also sang at the opera, a.o. in 'der Barbier von Bagdad' (Peter Cornelius), as Olaf in 'Agnete' of Julius Röntgen, 1914, as 'Don Gomez' in 'De cid', 1916 and as 'de onbekende ridder' (the unknown knight) in 'De doge van Venetië', 1908 both of Johan Wagenaar. One of his last appearances was in Parsifal, June 1916. That was at the same time the last time that the 70-year old Henri Viotta conducted for the Wagner-Vereeniging (Wagner-Society) (later named Wagnervereeniging). From 1906 until 1936 he joined as main teacher solo-singing the Conservatorium van Amsterdam. To his pupils belonged a.o. Jac. de Caro, Jo Immink and Jos Groenen.

Besides pianist and singer Hendrik van Oort was also a painter and composer. He composed many lieder and choirs, a.o. the cycle Christuskind for female - and child-choir and the cantata Prikkebeen. Until great age, when his visual faculty weakened and stand in the way, he went on with composing. He was a knight in the Orde van Oranje Nassau.

Hendrik Christiaan van Oort deceased at August 27th, 1953 in Soest.